Lipton’s Journal/December 31, 1954/127

From Project Mailer

People who make love without ever having a thought other than sensation (the psychoanalyst’s dream “genital character”) are not as healthy as they seem—they have a species of detachment; their minds cannot flourish with their bodies.

What we call the detached man is the man who fucks while he thinks of something else—neither the fucking nor the thinking is anything but second-rate, depressed, and uneasy.

But the man or woman who is unified sexually, creative sexually, thinks most brilliantly while they fuck most brilliantly even if all they are thinking about are the beautiful orgiastic permutations of fucking. Their body and their mind each fecundate (Bob’s [Lindner] word) the other, and they soar upward on to stimulation beyond stimulation. Most of the so-called healthy people are actually only half-healthy, they can enjoy themselves only by suspending their minds. Once they are through fucking, they return to society. I believe that the “genital character” cannot be found in any person today who is highly developed and “sensitive.”