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“Norman Mailer: Warrior in the Battle of the Sexes.” Article-interview by Spencer Vibbert. New England (Boston Sunday Globe), 24 June, 9, 27–29. Quote-laden report on Mailer’s 2 May court appearance in Barnstable, Mass., accompanied by Norris Church and his lawyer, Monroe Inker, in connection with his divorce from fourth wife Beverly Bentley. Includes a flashback to his February court appearance; comment from his publisher’s publicity director, William Guthrie, and his editor, Larned Bradford, on his forthcoming narrative, The Executioner’s Song (79.14); and an account of his 6 May benefit reading for Harvard’s literary magazine The Advocate, at which he first read from 79.14. See 78.4, 78.5, 79.2, 79.3, 79.8, 80.13.