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“Una Conversacion con Norman Mailer.” Interview with Barbara Probst Solomon. El País (Madrid), 4 October, 10–15. Comment on his forthcoming novel, Ancient Evenings (83.18), and a number of writers: Jean Malaquais, Jorge Borges, Gabriel García Márquez, Saul Bellow and, at some length, Henry Adams and his influence on The Armies of the Night (68.8). Rpt: Conducted in Provincetown, on 16 July 1981, and translated into Spanish for El País, this interview was then published as “From NASA to the Nile: A Conversation with Norman Mailer” in New Boston Review, March/April 1982, and subsequently, edited and cut to one-third its length, as “To Pontificate on Europe and America” in Pieces and Pontifications (82.16). Solomon reprinted the full interview in her collection, Horse-Trading and Ecstasy. San Francisco: North Point Press, 1989.