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Norman Mailer: Works and Days
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“A Letter from Norman Mailer to the Voting Democrats of New York.” New York Times, 15 June, Sec. E, p. 7. Signed “Norman and Jimmy,” this 2,000-word paid advertisement-letter attacks the New York media for making the Mailer-Breslin campaign “look like clowns,” and outlines the team’s platform. Mailer’s long letter is followed by excerpts from position papers on revenue, law and order, transportation, housing authorities and banks, schools and “Sweet Sunday,” a proposed once-a-month cessation of all motorized traffic entering or leaving New York City. Rpt: Mailer’s position papers, including much of the language in these excerpts, are collected in Running against the Machine (69.80). See Joe Flaherty’s op-ed piece on “Sweet Sunday,” “I Hate to Say I told You So, But…,” New York Times, 8 February 1974, 31.