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Maidstone: A Mystery'. New York: New American Library, 1 October, softcover. Screenplay, 189 pp., $1.50.

Dedication: “To Ricky Leacock, Donn Pennebaker, Nick Proferes, Jim Desmond, To Jan Welt and Lana Jokel and to Buzz Farbar.”

Includes “A Combined Account of the Filming of Maidstone” drawn from accounts by Sally Beauman (68.17), J. Anthony Lukas (68.14) and James Toback (68.28); “A Course in Film-Making” (71.25); 12 pages of color photographs; a cast list and various notes on the film. The only differences between 71.25 and 71.28 is that “Film-Making” becomes “FilmMaking” in 71.28; and “I: On the Theory” is reordered in 71.28. Rpt: 71.25, 72.7, 82.19. See 68.16, 81.19, 84.1. See also Filmmakers Newsletter 4 (no. 11) which contains an account of the piece by Jan Welt and an interview with Rip Torn that comments on his famous fight with Norman T. Kingsley that concludes Maidstone.