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“A Folly Repeated: On Conviction and Creative Freedom, as Reflected by the Salman Rushdie Controversy.” Writer’s Digest, July, 80, 78–79. Full statement read in New York on 22 February at a meeting of hundreds of writers in support of Salman Rushdie. Some of the writers present were Larry McMurtry, Don DeLillo, E.L. Doctorow, Susan Sontag, Gay Talese, Joan Didion, Diana Trilling, John Gregory Dunne, Edward Said, Mary Gordon, Robert Stone and Robert Caro. Rpt: 89.2; Salman Rushdie: Sentenced to Death, by W.J. Weatherby. New York: Carroll and Graf, 1990 (partial); 98.7. See 89.389.5, 93.9.