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“Prisoner of Success.” Interview by Paul Attanasio. Boston Phoenix, 24 February, 1–2, 11. Conducted in late December 1980, Attanasio’s interview elicits insights on other writers: Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner, Leo Tolstoy, E.L. Doctorow; his pessimistic response to Ronald Reagan’s election; comment on the fact/fiction debate and on two of his own works, The Executioner’s Song (79.14) and Of Women and Their Elegance (80.15). Speaking of his depiction of Marilyn in 80.15, he says: “I invented an episode for her that was quite possibly more extreme than anything she ever did herself in her life. And that gave me pause. . . . but I wrote it with the idea that Marilyn, wherever she is, would accept this treatment of her.” Rpt: 82.16.