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“Cosmic Ventures: A Meditation of God at War.” Esquire, December, 156–157. Mailer refines his ideas on the nature of God first given in “Hip, Hell and the Navigator” (59.2): “It has occurred to me since, despite my reputation as a male chauvinist, that God may be referred to as ‘She’ as legitimately (for all we know) as ‘He,’ or, even better, as ‘They,’ if one can conceive of divinity as marriage between a godlike Male and Female, a marriage, indeed that may not work a great deal better than the majority of ours!” Rpt: Living Philosophies: The Reflections of Some Eminent Men and Women of Our Time, edited by Clifton Fadiman. New York: Doubleday, 1990. See 75.2, 75.11, 82.15, 83.45.