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Deaths for the Ladies (and Other Disasters) (62.3), Mailer's first poetry collection, is published on 30 January. Many of the poems were written on scraps of paper when Mailer was drinking, which he did a lot of in 1961–62.

In late February, divorces Adele in Juarez, Mexico.

On 4 May, marries Jeanne Campbell, and in late spring they move into 142 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, a four-story brownstone he had purchased in 1960 and renovated. Mailer lives there continuously until his death, except for his sojourns in Provincetown, where he spent the majority of his time in the last decade of his life.

Kate Cailean born to Jeanne on 18 August.

Attends the International Writers' Conference in Edinburgh, 20-24 August, where he meets Henry Miller and William Burroughs.

On 25 September, covers the Sonny Liston-Floyd Patterson fight in Chicago, and writes his first boxing essay, "Ten Thousand Words a Minute" (63.3), in Esquire.

In November, begins a column on politics and culture, “The Big Bite” (63.263.13), in Esquire (through December 1963), and a bi-monthly column, “Responses and Reactions” (63.1663.20), devoted mainly to commentary on Martin Buber’s Tales of the Hasidim, in the December Commentary (through October 1963).

In late fall, separates from Jeanne Campbell.