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“My Mailer Problem.” Article by Germaine Greer. Esquire, September, 90–93, 214, 216. Still another account of “A Dialogue on Women’s Liberation” from the perspective of one of the participants. Many quotes from Mailer and a good deal of context from Greer. Mailer is parodied on the cover as King Kong holding Greer as Fay Wray in his hands, and inside as a vampirish boxer. Esquire later apologized for its treatment of Mailer. See 71.1671.20, 71.23, 77.14 and Covering the Sixties: George Lois, The Esquire Era, by George Lois. New York: Monacelli Press, 1996. Lois created the cover and reports the responses of Mailer and Esquire editor, Harold Hayes. Rpt: In Norman Mailer: Modern Critical Views, edited by Harold Bloom. New York: Chelsea House, 1986; and in Greer’s collection, The Madwoman’s Underclothes: Essays and Occasional Writings. New York: Atlantic Monthly Press, September 1987.