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“Norman Mailer Wins an Award.” Article-interview by Jerry Tallmer. New York Post Magazine, 15 March, 2. Account of Mailer at the 12 March National Book Awards ceremony at Philharmonic Hall in New York, with excerpts from his speech. Nominated for two awards—for The Armies of the Night (68.8) in the arts and letters category and Miami and the Siege of Chicago (68.25) in history and biography—Mailer won the former. The second half of the article-interview reports Tallmer’s conversation with Mailer the next day on Nixon’s victory, Hubert Humphrey, and movie-making. The full text of Mailer’s speech is in Existential Errands (72.7) and The Essential Mailer (82.19). See 69.4, 74.20, 86.34.