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The Big Bite.” Monthly column. Esquire (November 1962–December 1963). In February and July, Mailer wrote much longer pieces and dropped the column title. See 62.18, 62.19.

October, 50, 52. Rpt: First third as an untitled introduction to “The Seventh Presidential Paper: On Dread” in 63.37. Mailer fails to note this reprinting in his otherwise careful list of acknowledgments in 63.37, titled “Appendix B—Projects and Places.” The remainder of the column, with the exception of the first sentence, is reprinted in 72.7 and 82.19 as “Two Oddments from Esquire.” In addition, approximately 250 words from the first third are reprinted in the November Big Bite (63.12) as an excerpt from 63.37, which was published on 8 November. It is uncertain whether Mailer was reprinting portions of “Big Bite” in 63.37, or publishing advance excerpts from his miscellany in the column, or both. Whatever the case, the same 250 words on dread, politics and journalism appeared in print three times during October and November. See 90.2.