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Norman Mailer: Works and Days
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“On the Scholarly Trail of the New Revisionists.” Article-interview by Herbert Mitgang. New York Times, 10 February, Sec. C, p. 22. Explanation of how the work of several authors—Ignazio Silone, Mailer, Mark Twain, Henry James and Anthony Trollope—was revised in one way or another. Mitgang reports on Hershel Parker’s comparison of the Esquire version of An American Dream (64.264.9) with the Dial Press book version (65.7), including the original manuscripts. Parker concluded that the magazine version was superior. Mailer said, “I think the Dial version is better. The publisher preferred to print the Esquire serial, but I devoted four months to revising it for the book.” Parker’s essay was collected in his volume Flawed Texts and Verbal Icons (Evanston, Ill.: Northwestern University Press). See 65.3.