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The Bullfight: A Photographic Narrative with Text by Norman Mailer. New York: CBS Legacy Collection Book, distributed by Macmillan, mid- November. Essay, 112 unnumbered pp., $7.95.

No dedication. Mailer’s essay, titled “Footnote to ‘Death in the Afternoon,” a portrait of the Mexican bullfighter Amando Ramirez (El Loco) is 23 pp.; it is accompanied by a fragment from Federico García Lorca’s “Lament for Sánchez Mejías,” and 91 photographs, comprising a complete depiction of a corrida de toros, but using a series of bullfighters, including Luis Miguel Dominguin and Antonio Ordónez (the rivals in Ernest Hemingway’s The Dangerous Summer), and El Cordobes.

The volume is accompanied by a 33⅓, 60-minute, monaural record on which Mailer reads selections from his essay; Hugh Marlowe and Rosemary Tory read “Lament For Sánchez Mejías,” translated by Mailer and his daughter Susan (see 67.22); traditional Spanish music is performed on five cuts by the Bullring Band of Madrid, Pedro Cortes, flamenco guitarist and Paco Ortiz, flamenco singer. The record is produced by Bernard “Buzz” Farbar. Rpt: As “The Crazy One” in 67.17; “Homage to El Loco” in 72.7, 82.19. See 67.17 for explanation of differences among the three versions; 84.2.