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“The Rolling Stone Interview, Part II: Sympathy for the Devil.” By Richard Stratton. Photographs by Annie Leibovitz. Rolling Stone, 16 January, 42–43, 45–47, 54, 56–57. Contains Mailer’s longest interview discussion of God and the Devil since 59.2 (see 75.11, 82.15, 83.45, 89.11), and comment on a variety of other topics: Women’s Liberation, Ken Kesey, Thomas Pynchon, his novel-in-progress (Ancient Evenings, 83.18), the Rolling Stones and rock and roll, Patti Hearst, LSD, Ulysses S. Grant and literary deadlines: “Literature is not a temple. Literature is an act. If you’re a working literary man, it’s obviously analogous to a sexual act. You’re better on some days than on others.” Rpt: As the second part of “In Search of the Devil” in 82.16 (partial). See 75.1.