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“Picasso Biographer in a Blue Period: Has Mailer Painted Him into a Corner?” Article-interview by Doris Athineos. New York Observer, 30 August–6 September, 1, 23. Account of the dispute between Mailer and John Richardson, authorized biographer of Pablo Picasso, over Mailer’s desire to quote from the first volume of Richardson’s biography and Richardson’s refusal to let him. Mailer says that he had written “a one-volume interpretive biography,[1] and I have things to say about Picasso that will open new arguments—that’s my hope.” Besides Mailer and Richardson, Jason Epstein, Random House editor of both, is quoted, as is Nan Talese, who supported Mailer, and Robert Rosenblum, an art history professor, who supported Richardson. See 93.2a, 93.3, 93.4.