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“Advertisements: On the Publicity Trail with Norman Mailer.” Article-interview by Maureen O’Brien. Publishers’ Weekly, 25 October, 22–24. O’Brien sticks with Mailer throughout 7 October as he moves through a dizzying round of interviews accompanied by Random House publicist, Peter Vertes: the “Today” show; WCBS News Radio’s “Book Beat”; a local talk show, “New York and Co.”; the Miami Herald; National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered”; for a Canadian television documentary on Henry Miller; and, in the evening, on Debra Norville’s syndicated talk show. O’Brien notices that “he never answers the same question the same way twice.” Mailer says that “he plans to start writing the sequel to Harlot’s Ghost[1] this summer (‘All I have now are a lot of notes’) after he puts the finishing touches on his ‘short, interpretive biography’ of Picasso” (95.38).