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“A New Generation at Penn Meets Norman Mailer.” Article by Howard Goodman. Philadelphia Inquirer, 24 March, Sec. B (“Metro”), pp. 1, 4. Report on Mailer’s conversation with the students in Professor Bruce Kuklick’s class, who had just read The Armies of the Night (68.8). Mailer spoke on several topics, including the misrepresentations of history, the possibility of fascism coming to America, the miseries of airplane travel, television, and Lee Harvey Oswald. Several students and Professor Kuklick are also quoted. Rpt: As “Norman Who? Mailer on Campus” in Providence Journal-Bulletin, 28 March, Sec. E (“Lifebeat”), pp. 1–2. See spring 1983 entries, 95.295.4, 95.6, 95.7.