Bill McLaughlin, December 18, 1964

From Project Mailer
142 Columbia Heights
Brooklyn 1, New York
December 18, 1964

Dear Bill McLaughlin,[1]

Going through old mail, I came across your nice long letter of August 19. Well, sir, you are the fortunate recipient of prompt response.

Actually, it’s so late in the day that I think I’d better use this occasion to wish you Merry Christmas, and let it go at that. I did enjoy your letter, though; particularly the criticisms of the last installment of An American Dream. I worked the book up some since then, you know, and while it’s superficially the same book, I think it’s a different book. Tightening prose is like tightening a drum: you get better sound. If you happen to read the book when it comes out, let me know your reaction. I’d be interested.

Norman Mailer
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  1. McLaughlin was a Mailer fan.