Eiichi Yaminishi, January 17, 1964

From Project Mailer
142 Columbia Heights
Brooklyn 1, New York
January 17, 1964

Dear Eiichi,[1]

Just a quick note. I finished the fourth installment, and so once again I’m rushing to get through my mail. The first installment was sent out to you last week, and the galleys of the next two installments mailed out a day or so ago, so you should have the first 32,000 words by the time you receive this letter. The only thing I would suggest is that you state what you think is necessary in the clearest and simplest terms to Henry Morrison, because while he is a very able agent it’s possible that he does not know too much about the situation in Japan, and I think in such cases it is a mistake to make him aware of all the complexities. He is likely to start worrying and playing a larger part himself. You see, I’m afraid that if he plays the main role, he will start consulting Tuttle again, and it is my impression that whenever Tuttle appears on the scene, people start trying to pry certain rights away from you. So if you want to write the negotiations for me in Japan, that’s fine, Eiichi; if you would rather have someone else take up such a work and merely consult you for advice, then let me know that, too. Whichever course you desire is completely agreeable to me, my dear friend, but I was not certain from your last letter which course you prefer. Just tell me exactly what you wish and I will arrange it with Morrison.

As for the rest, I hope to take a week’s vacation and go skiing, and then in a few days I have a debate on television with William Buckley. It is however not live, but taped.

My very best to you, Eiichi, and to your fine family,


  1. Eiichi Yaminishi was Mailer’s Japanese translator.