Alan Earney, November 4, 1963

From Project Mailer
142 Columbia Heights
Brooklyn 1, New York
November 4, 1963

Dear Alan,

Apparently the situation is not so final as I thought when writing to you last. I was under the impression that Mayflower had bought the rights to An American Dream (which is the title of the novel under discussion)[1] but it seems that they merely have an option to give a first bid and match any counter bid, so I don’t know that we’re necessarily closed off from one another altogether. Anyway, let’s see how the book turns out. In the meantime,

my best to you
Norman Mailer
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  1. The public was informed of the novel’s title in Mailer’s final “Big Bite” column in Esquire, December 1963, which was on newsstands in mid-November before the assassination of President Kennedy. Mailer had written the column much earlier, of course, turning it in to the magazine in mid-September.