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“The Lion in Winter: Five Snapshots.” Article-interview by Andrew O’Hagan. New York Observer, 13 November. Four of the snapshots are accounts of meetings with Mailer—in Provincetown in 1997; London, 2002; Provincetown again in 2007; and at the New York Public Library, Mailer’s penultimate public appearance with Günter Grass, 28 July 2007. Asked if he feels superior to his younger self, Mailer said: “I just look at him and think what a fool he is . . . you’ve got to remain a fool at all costs.” He also tells O’Hagan that his favorite poem is Yeats’ “The Second Coming”: “It gives me the prodigious disruption that has lived at the heart of the 20th century. There is something wrong, something unbalanced about this century; we all have a sense of unease about where the future is going.”