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“Review: Zelda, Scott and Ernest.” By Dan Rattiner. Dan’s Papers, 31 August, 57. Following his review of George Plimpton’s and Terry Quinn’s dramatic dialogue based on the letters of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Zelda Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway (portrayed, respectively, by Plimpton, Norris Church Mailer and Mailer), are some quotes from the Q and A following the 26 August performance at Guild Hall in East Hampton, NY. Plimpton recalled how he tried and failed to set up a meeting between Mailer and Hemingway, and Mailer said, “I was really quite worried about what would happen if we were to meet. I called a friend [Mickey Knox] I knew, a rough tough guy, and asked him to come over and spend the day with me, and he did. I wanted to be ready.” See 01.4, 02.1, 13.2, 715–718.