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The White Negro. San Francisco: City Lights Books. Essay, 27 pp., 35¢, softcover.

This often-reprinted pamphlet is almost always given a 1957 date in bibliographies, an unlikely date in that the essay is followed in the pamphlet by the 1958 piece, “Reflections on Hipsterism” (58.1). A 23 August 1959 Chicago Sun-Times review of the second (50¢) City Lights edition, and Mailer’s 30 April 1959 letter to City Lights editor, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, indicates a 1959 City Lights publication date. In addition, the list of available City Lights publications in the 50¢ edition contains only 1958 publications. Rpt: 57.1, 59.13, 98.7 (partial), Voices of Dissent: A Collection of Articles from Dissent. New York: Grove, 1958.