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Name Entries Notes
O’Brien, Conor Cruise 69.2
O’Brien, Geoffrey 89.14
O’Brien, Maureen 91.40
O’Brien, Tim 92.1403.19
O’Conner, John J. 72.2273.19
O’Doherty, Brian 63.30
O’Hagen, Andrew 97.2207.3107.3607.42
O’Hara, John 61.17
O’Neal, Ryan 80.3a86.39a86.4087.287.987.1387.1487.2187.2693.6
O’Neill, Eugene 62.2503.25
O’Neill, Thomas P. “Tip” 79.8
O’Shaugnessy, Sergius 56.656.17
Oates, Joyce Carol 74.279.3080.17a82.2286.3498.16a07.28a
Obama, Barack 07.907.13
Ockenfels, Frank W. 95.3797.22
Odets, Clifford 62.25
Oelsner, Lesley 73.16 • 73.23
Oglesby, Carl 92.9
Oliver, Mary 76.5
Olivier, Fernande 93.495.38
Olson, Charles 64.18
Olson, Clarence E. 83.4
Ono, Yoko 97.19a
Ordónez, Antonio 67.20
Ortiz, Paco 67.20
Orwell, George 58.4a71.5
Osiris 97.13
Oswald, Lee Harvey 93.395.195.395.595.895.995.1095.1395.1495.1595.1695.1795.1895.2295.2395.2495.2595.2695.2795.2895.2995.4096.297.26
Oswald, Marina 95.895.1195.13
Ott-Toltz, Phyllis Silverman 06.9
Oursler, Fulton 97.2
Ozick, Cynthia 98.4