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Name Entries Notes
Naar, Jon 74.9
Nader, Ralph 73.474.1
Nasatir, Marcia 87.4
Nash, Eric P. 93.7
Nastasi, Christina Marie 07.10 Mailer’s granddaughter
Navasky, Victor 92.7
Naylor, Gloria 86.34
Nefertiri 83.28
Neiman, LeRoy 71.26
Neruda, Pablo 74.18
Nesvisky, Matt 98.16a
Newcombe, Jack 76.5
Newfield, Jack 68.368.10
Newman, Edwin 72.9
Newton, Huey 69.30
Nichols, Lewis 65.5
Nichols, Mary Perot 59.1965.2a
Nixon, Richard M. 68.3069.370.870.972.1672.2074.11
Nobile, Philip 76.6
Noble, Elaine 79.8
Noble, Hollister 49.2
Noonan, Peggy 97.26
Norris, Hoke 59.17
North, Oliver 87.15
North, Sterling 48.13
Norville, Debra 91.40
Nuwer, Henry 73.43
Nye, Suzanne 76.5