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Welcome to Project Mailer, the Digital Humanities initiative of the Norman Mailer Society.

This website serves as a hub for the digital endeavors of the Norman Mailer Society. It features an overview of projects — both analog and digital — undertaken by the Society's members that help to support and maintain the legacy of Norman Mailer. It currently houses 3,147 articles and 83 editors.

Order Norman Mailer’s Lipton’s: A Marijuana Journal, 1954–1955.
Now available through Arcade Publishing (June 2024). Co-edited by J. Michael Lennon, Gerald R. Lucas, and Susan Mailer.


Digital Humanities Project

Lipton’s Journal: Mailer’s journal of self-analysis and personal growth he kept from December 1954 to March of 1955, edited by J. Michael Lennon, Susan Mailer, and Gerald R. Lucas.

Digital Humanities Project

Norman Mailer: Works and Days by J. Michael Lennon and Donna Pedro Lennon and edited by Gerald R. Lucas contains almost 1400 cross-referenced entries, images, and many full-text articles.


The Mailer Review, the official journal of the Norman Mailer Society, publishes articles, notes, creative works, interviews, commentary, images, and book reviews relevant to the life and work of Norman Mailer.

Digital Book

The Structured Vision of Norman Mailer by Barry H. Leeds was published in 1969 and explores Norman Mailer’s major writing through the sixties. We present the full text of Leeds’ study in a new digital form.


This collection, assembled by J. Michael Lennon, features full-text introductions, prefaces, and forewords by Norman Mailer, including those to the works of Jean Malaquais, Abbie Hoffman, Jack Henry Abbott, and others.

Digital Humanities Project

An American Dream Expanded features letters, full-text criticism, essays, a gallery, and more that contextualizes and expands study of AAD.


Hosted by Justin Bozung and published twice monthly, The Norman Mailer Society Podcast highlights the people and projects that promote the legacy of Norman Mailer.


Visit the official web site of the Norman Mailer Society to join the Society, read news, and get all the current information about our annual conference.

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