Cultural Backgrounds

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This section contains many items that arguably could be better placed with the critical materials. Their location is an attempt to identify key references to the worlds (and demimondes) Mailer has moved in, sometimes with reference to him, sometimes not. This section is far from exhaustive and is more a reflection of our Mailer library than any comprehensive plan.

  • Aldridge, John W. (1972). The Devil in the Fire: Retrospective Essays on American Literature and Culture, 1951-1971. New York: Harper's Magazine Press. Historical chronicle of major literary developments and critiques of the most significant post-World War II writers, including Mailer.
  • Anderson, Elliott; Kinzie, Mary (1978). The Little Magazine in America: A Modern Documentary History. Yonkers, NY: Pushcart Press. ISBN 9780226240695. Forty-two chapters on the great literary magazines and Peter Martin's detailed, annotated bibliography of 85 of them, including Big Table, Evergreen Review, Fuck You, New American Review, Paris Review, Partisan Review and Story. Definitive.
  • Millett, Kate (2016) [1970]. "Norman Mailer". Sexual Politics. New York: Columbia University Press. pp. 314–335. Feminist critique of Mailer, D.H. Lawrence, Sigmund Freud, Henry Miller and others. Mailer responded in The Prisoner of Sex (71.20).