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The Norman Mailer Society, a non-profit organization, was founded in 2003 to celebrate Norman Mailer, author of 40 books and the chronicler of the American Century. It has approximately 300 members and meets annually for three days for panels, papers, films and informal discussion about the life, work and reputation of the late Mr. Mailer.


Contact Us
info [at] normanmailersociety [dot] org

Executive Board

Neil AbercrombieRobert J. BegiebingJustin BozungPhilip BufithisChristopher BusaEzra CappellBonnie CulverNicole DePoloMatthew HintonCarol HolmesJ. Michael Lennon • David LightJohn Buffalo MailerSusan MailerFrank D. McConnellMark OlshakerDenise PappasLawrence SchillerEnid StubinBarbara Mailer Wasserman

About the Web Site

The NMS Web Site is maintained by Gerald R. Lucas. All content inquiries, additions, and errors should be directed to: info [at] normanmailersociety [dot] org.

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