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===[[Reflections 2018|Reflections]]===

* '''[[Norman Mailer]]'''<br />[[/The Notebook/]]

==Articles and Miscellany==
==Articles and Miscellany==
* '''[[Susan Mailer]]'''<br />[[/In Brooklyn Heights/]]
* '''[[Danielle Mailer]]'''<br />[[/The Red Chair/]]
* '''[[Phillip Sipiora]]'''<br />[[/On Writing and Living: A Conversation with Colum McCann/]]
* '''[[Robert J. Begiebing]]'''<br />[[/Lipton’s Journal: Mailer’s Quest for Wholeness|''Lipton’s Journal'': Mailer’s Quest for Wholeness]]
* '''[[J. Michael Lennon]]'''<br />[[/Norman Mailer’s Pieces and Pontifications: A Note on its Origins|Norman Mailer’s ''Pieces and Pontifications'': A Note on its Origins]]
* '''[[Raymond M. Vince]]'''<br />[[/Mailer, Moonfire, and Quantum Theory|Mailer, ''Moonfire'', and Quantum Theory]]
* '''[[Victor Peppard]]'''<br />[[/Mailer and Breslin: Politics, Literature, and Big Ideas/]]
* '''[[Jeanne Fuchs]]'''<br />[[/Existential Affinities: Mailer on Monroe/]]
* '''J. Michael Lennon'''<br />[[/The Naked and the Read/]]
* '''[[Scott McClintock]]'''<br />[[/Necropolitics in The Executioner’s Song|Necropolitics in ''The Executioner’s Song'']]
* '''[[Elizabeth Ricketts]]'''<br />[[/The (Irish)-American Dream: Social Insecurity and Disadvantage in Irish Characters in Fitzgerald’s and Mailer/]]
* '''[[Ann L. von Mehren]]'''<br />[[/Mailer’s Journey inside the CIA with Harlot’s Ghost|Mailer’s Journey inside the CIA with ''Harlot’s Ghost'']]
* '''[[Christopher Busa]]'''<br />[[/Norman Mailer: Of Vitality and Morality/]]
* '''[[Alexander Hicks]]'''<br />[[/''Advertisements for Myself'': Mailer’s ''Künstlerroman''?/]]
* '''[[Erik Nakjavani]]'''<br />[[/Theory and Practice of Fictionalized Autobiography: Hemingway’s Under Kilimanjaro/]]
* '''[[Alexandros Mantzaris]]'''<br />[[/A Political Paradox: “Totalitarianism,” Myth, and Norman Mailer’s Left Conservatism/]]
* '''[[Matthew S. Hinton]]'''<br />[[/LORD’S EYE: An Epilogue in Search of Political Tattoos/]]
==Classic Interpretation==
* '''An Interview with Diana Sheets'''<br />[[/Norman Mailer and Tom Wolfe, Two Leaders of “New Journalism” or Writers Striving to Create the Great American Novel?/]]

==Book Reviews==
==Book Reviews==
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{{div col|colwidth=20em}}
* ''In Another Place With and Without my Father, Norman Mailer''<br />'''[[Bonnie Culver]]'''<br />[[/Patrolling No-Man’s Land, Living on the Border/]]
* ''Norman Mailer: Works and Days''<br />'''[[Robert J. Begiebing]]'''<br />[[/Our Wounded Giant: Works and Days/]]
* ''Bootlegger of the Soul: The Literary Legacy of William Kennedy''<br />'''Robert J. Begiebing'''<br />[[/Soul Bootlegger/]]
* ''Moonfire''<br />'''[[Michael L. Shuman]]'''<br />[[/Going to the Moon/]]
* ''Rosset''<br />'''[[Justin Bozung]]'''<br />[[/Mailer De Facto: How Norman Mailer Saved Barney Rosset/]]
* ''Seeing the Beat Generation: Entering the Literature through Film''<br />'''Michael L. Shuman'''<br />[[/Beat Films and the Persistence of Vision/]]
* ''Hunter S. Thompson: The Last Interview and Other Conversations''<br />'''[[Jason Mosser]]'''<br />[[/All Gonzo All the Time/]]
* ''Left Bank Art, Passion, and the Rebirth of Paris, 1940–1950''<br />'''[[Jeanne Fuchs]]'''<br />[[/We’ll Always Have Paris!/]]
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==Creative Works==
==Creative Works==
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{{div col|colwidth=20em}}
* '''[[Philip Brady]]'''<br />[[/Nothing Attested, Everything Sung/]]
* '''[[Robert Guffey]]'''<br />[[/Fleshy Mounds/]]
* '''[[Gary D. Rhodes]]'''<br />[[/“Prisoner’s Cinema”/]]
* '''[[Raymond M. Vince]]'''<br />[[/You Shall Not Pass/]]
* '''[[Jason Mosser]]'''<br />[[/Pill/]]
* '''[[Stephen Eric Berry]]'''<br />[[/Aphrodite in Transition/]]
* '''[[Sal Cetrano]]'''<br />[[/To Linda, at Creedmore/]]<br />[[/Naming/]]<br />[[/Sleeping Weather/]]<br />[[/Visit to Berkeley, 1978/]]<br />[[/For Plato/]]<br />[[/Mission Statement/]]
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* '''[[Shannon L. Zinck]]'''<br />[[/Norman Mailer Bibliography: 2017/]]


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