Robert Guffey

From Project Mailer

Robert Guffey is a lecturer in the Department of English at California State University–Long Beach. His most recent books are Bela Lugosi and the Monogram Nine, coauthored with Gary D. Rhodes (BearManor Media, 2019), and Until the Last Dog Dies (Night Shade/Skyhorse, 2017), a darkly satirical novel about a young stand-up comedian who must adapt as best he can to an apocalyptic virus that destroys only the humor centers of the brain. Forthcoming is a collection of four novellas entitled Widow of the Amputation and Other Weird Crimes (Eraserhead Press, 2019). A graduate of the famed Clarion Writers Workshop in Seattle, he has also written a collection of novellas entitled Spies & Saucers (PS Publishing, 2014). His first book of nonfiction, Cryptoscatology: Conspiracy Theory as Art Form, was published in 2012. He’s written stories and articles for numerous magazines and anthologies, among them The Believer, Black Cat Mystery Magazine, Black Dandy, Catastrophia, The Chiron Review, Hypnos, The Los Angeles Review of Books, The Mailer Review, New Reader Magazine, Pearl, The Pedestal, Phantom Drift, Postscripts, Selene Quarterly Magazine, The Temz Review, The Third Alternative, and

Written by Robert Guffey