Scott McClintock

From Project Mailer

Scott McClintock is an Associate Professor of Arts and Humanities at National University, Riverside, California. He is the author of Topologies of Fear in Contemporary Fiction: The Anxieties of Post-Nationalism and Counter Terrorism (2015), co-author of a chapter in Thomas Pynchon in Context (2019), a contributing co-editor of Pynchon’s California (2015), and has contributed chapters to The Pharmakon: Concept Figure, Image of Transgression, Poetic Practice (2018), Cruzar las Américas: Perspectivas Hemisféricas en Lenguajes, Literaturas y Culturas Visuales (2016), Hemingway, Cuba and the Cuban Works (2014), as well as articles in such journals as Comparative Literature Studies, South Asian Review, and Clio: A Journal of Philosophy and History. He lives in Big Bear, California.