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{{DISPLAYTITLE:''The Mailer Review''/Volume 10, 2016}}
{{DISPLAYTITLE:''The Mailer Review''/Volume 10, 2016}}

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{{DEFAULTSORT: Mailer Review, The}}
{{DEFAULTSORT: Mailer Review, The}}
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The Mailer Review, Volume 10, 2016
ALT=The Mailer Review, Volume 10
Editorial Staff
EditorPhillip Sipiora
Deputy EditorMichael L. Shuman
Digital Editor,
Gerald R. Lucas
Senior Managing EditorConstance E. Holmes
Managing EditorShannon L. Zinck
Design EditorJames R. Miller
Associate EditorsTaylor Joy Mitchell
Christine Auger
Editorial Board
J. Michael Lennon, Chair of Editorial Board (Wilkes University), Robert J. Begiebing (Southern New Hampshire University), John Whalen-Bridge (National University of Singapore), Philip Bufithis (Shepherd University), Christopher Busa (Founder and Editor of Provincetown Arts Press), Morris Dickstein (Graduate Center, City University of New York), Laura Adams Dunham (Independent Scholar), Michael Glenday (The Open University, United Kingdom), Andrew Gordon (University of Florida), Hunt Hawkins (University of South Florida), Michael Millgate (University of Toronto), Christopher Ricks (Boston University), Phillip Sipiora (University of South Florida), Thomas F. Staley (Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin), Barbara Mailer Wasserman (Memoirist).


Remembering Barry Leeds


Articles and Miscellany

Classic Interpretation

Book Reviews

Creative Works


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