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Article Assignments

See Lesson 2 for assignment distribution. You will need to request an article and user name for Project Mailer. You may click the link to your article below to begin your edits. Status indicators in the ? column: ☑Y = complete (ready for final edits and banner removal; see L4.2); YesY = in process; ☒N = not started.

# Author Article Editor ?
1 Morrow The Unknown and the General User:Jrdavisjr ☑Y
2 Kauffman Norman Mailer in “God’s Attic” User:ChristinaPinkston ☑Y
3 Stratton Meeting Mailer User:MWiggins YesY
4 Whalen-Bridge Cavalier Wit and Sympathy for the Devil User:CDucharme
5 Grünzweig The Hitler Family: A Relational Approach to Norman Mailer User:CCross YesY
6 Fulgham The Wise Blood of Norman Mailer User:JREubanks ☑Y
7 Glenday From Monroe to Picasso: Norman Mailer and the Life-Study User:Eswilliams YesY
8 Broer Identity Crisis: A State of the Union Address User:BriJames ☑Y
9 Bernstein The Heart of the Nation User:AMurray YesY
10 Leeds He Was a Fighter: Boxing in Norman Mailer’s Life and Work User:DSheppard YesY
11 Rodwan Fighters and Writers User:KJordan ☑Y
12 Chaiken Author, Auteur: A Conversation with Norman Mailer User:KHunter ☑Y
13 Grobel Norman Mailer: Stupidity Brings Out Violence in Me - YesY
14 Anshen A New Politics of Form in Harlot’s Ghost User:Amylhester ☑Y
15 Gordon On The Armies of the Night User:MSanders ☑Y
16 Norris Exhuming Mailer’s America - ☑Y
17 Bowers Mailer’s Last Words User:JDunn YesY
18 Kennedy You Are Too Healthy for the World User:Jmjackson YesY
19 Sipiora Norman Mailer, Metaphysician at Work User:JWilliams YesY
20 Holmes & Wilson Norman Mailer Bibliography: 2007 User:KWilliams YesY