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17th Annual Norman Mailer Society Conference
Wilkes University
Business Meeting Minutes
Thursday October 10, 2019

Meeting called to order at 9:00am

Welcome (Maggie McKinley)

  1. Welcome and thanks to all for attending; conference program this year features a variety of different panels, and events—highlights include the tour of the Mailer Reading Room, Susan Mailer’s reading from her new book, a screening of The Executioner’s Song followed by Q&A with Larry Schiller, and a keynote address by Maggie Mailer

Brief Overview of Conference Events (Bonnie Culver)

  1. Bonnie spoke briefly about the tour of the Mailer Reading Room and Collection, in the Farley Library, to be held Thursday at 7pm. It will be preceded by a reception, sponsored by the Wilkes Creative Writing Program and the President’s Office
  2. Acknowledged Suzanna Calev, who was instrumental in archiving and arranging photos and books and recreating Mailer’s study
  3. In unpacking the study, they uncovered many boxes of Mailer’s work in translation

The Mailer Review (Phil Sipiora)

  1. Volume 12 of the Review is in the final stages of production and should be printed in early December
  2. Volume 13 should follow soon after, hopefully in January
  3. Upcoming volume will feature Dan Kramer’s photograph on the cover

Board Nominations (Jerry Lucas)

  1. The following board members were nominated (Bob Begiebing nominated; Bonnie Culver seconded) and reelected, with a term end of 2022: Justin Bozung, David Light, Maggie McKinley, Jason Mosser, Mark Olshaker, Larry Schiller, and Mark Triplett. All present voted in favor of these elections; none opposed.
  2. Denise Pappas resigned from the Board last year, and Shannon Zinck was nominated (Matt Hinton nominator; Phil Sipiora seconded) and elected to fill her seat. All present voted in favor; none opposed.
  3. Jason Mosser resigned as Treasurer, and Matt Hinton was nominated (Jerry Lucas nominated; Bob Begiebing seconded) and elected to fill the position. All present voted in favor; non opposed. Jason will remain in the position to tie up loose ends until the end of 2019, at which point Matt will officially take over. Many thanks to Jason for his service in this role, especially through a transition period after David Light stepped down.

Lucid Award Committee (Nicole DePolo)

  1. The Lucid Award this year goes to J. Michael Lennon, Donna Lennon, and Jerry Lucas, for the revised edition of Works and Days. The award will be formally presented at the meeting of the Executive Board, as both Mike and Donna are absent from the business meeting.

Treasurer’s Report (Jason Mosser)

  1. Jason provided a brief overview of expenditures and income over the past year
  2. Major expenditures include the Schiller Life Insurance Policy; The Mailer Review; and the annual conference (though expenses for Macon and Wilkes have been low). Combination of current checking and savings balances is just over $70,000 (this does not include the pending 2019 conference expenses)
  3. Income comes from Works and Days royalties, donations from members, and new memberships (currently 71 LIFE members and 44 annual memberships renewed)

New Business/Announcements

  1. No new business

Meeting adjourned at 9:35am