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Written by
Constance E. Holmes
Shannon L. Zinck

Note: Much of the following has been incorporated into Norman Mailer: Works and Days.

Addenda through 2007



Mailer, Norman (January 26, 2007). "Advertisements for a Gay Self". New York (Interview). 40 (4). Interviewed by Daniel Asa Rose. p. 9. Retrieved 2021-06-02. Norman Mailer answers questions concerning his new novel The Castle in the Forest.

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Essays, poems, forewords, prefaces, introductions, symposia contributions, letters to the editor

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Essays, Articles, Book Chapters, and Dissertations

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Book and Film Reviews

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Obituaries and Retrospectives

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Essays, poems, forewords, prefaces, introductions, symposia contributions, letters to the editor

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Essays, Articles, Book Chapters, Dissertations, and Creative Works

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Book Reviews

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Obituaries, Retrospectives, and Tributes

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