Norman Mailer Society/Robert F. Lucid Award

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Lucid and Mailer in 1995.

The Robert F. Lucid Award for Mailer Studies was established in 2003 in recognition of Professor Lucid’s long and distinguished career as a Mailer scholar-critic. The Lucid Award is given annually based on the recommendation of a Society committee. The winner receives a plaque and a $250 honorarium and is invited to speak at the Society’s annual meeting. The Lawrence Schiller Educational Trust matches all contributions, up to a total of $5,000, to an endowment set up to fund the Lucid Award. We are deeply grateful to Mr. Schiller for his gifts.

Please consider contributing to the endowment.

Lucid Award Winners

Year Recipient Work
2021 Maggie McKinley Norman Mailer in Context
2019 J. Michael Lennon
Donna Pedro Lennon
Gerald R. Lucas
Norman Mailer: Works and Days
2018 Maggie McKinley Understanding Norman Mailer
2015 Kevin Schultz Buckley and Mailer: The Difficult Friendship that Shaped the Sixties
2014 J. Michael Lennon The Selected Letters of Norman Mailer
2013 J. Michael Lennon Norman Mailer: A Double Life
2012 Lawrence Schiller “Lifetime Achievement Award” for major role in Oswald’s Tale, The Executioner’s Song, and Marilyn: A Biography
2011 Norris Church Mailer A Ticket to the Circus
John Whalen-Bridge Norman Mailer’s Later Fictions
2009 J. Michael Lennon For his work from 2002–2009 as founding president of the Norman Mailer Society
2007 John Whalen-Bridge -