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Norman Mailer: JFK, Superman Comes to the Supermarket. Edited by Nina Wiener. Conceived by Lawrence Schiller. Art Direction by Josh Baker. Introduction by J. Michael Lennon. Los Angeles: Taschen, 5 December. 370 pp., $150, oversize. No dedication.

Besides Mailer’s 1960 report on the Democratic Convention in Los Angeles (60.9), and his essay on Jacqueline Kennedy (62.14), this 8 x 12 x 2.8 inch volume contains over 300 photographs of JFK’s 1960 presidential campaign, including one of the opening page of 60.9 where Mailer has crossed out “Supermart” and written in “Supermarket” (and signed his name), restoring what Esquire publisher Arnold Gingrich arbitrarily changed when the essay first appeared three weeks before the 1960 presidential election. See 60.9, 63.37.