The Structured Vision of Norman Mailer/Biographical Outline: Norman Mailer

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The Structured Vision of Norman Mailer
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1923 Born January 31, Long Branch, New Jersey; parents Isaac Barnett and Fanny (Schneider) Mailer.
1939 Graduated from Boys High School, Brooklyn, New York.
1943 Received B.A. degree, Harvard.
1944 Drafted into U.S. Army. Served as rifleman with 112th Cavalry out of San Antonio, Texas. Foreign service for eighteen months in Philippines and Japan.
1944 Married Beatrice Silverman; divorced 1951.
1946 Discharged from Army in May.
1954 Married Adele Morales; divorced 1962.
1962 Married Lady Jean Campbell; divorced 1963.
1963 Married Beverley Bentley.


  • First marriage—Susan
  • Second marriage—Danielle, Elizabeth
  • Third marriage—Kate
  • Fourth marriage—Michael, Stephen


1948 The Naked and the Dead
1951 Barbary Shore
1955 The Deer Park
1958 “The White Negro”[1]
1959 Advertisements for Myself
1962 Deaths for the Ladies and Other Disasters
1963 The Presidential Papers
1965 An American Dream
1966 Cannibals and Christians
1967 The Deer Park: A Play;[2] The Short Fiction of Norman Mailer; Why Are We in Vietnam?
1968 The Armies of the Night; Miami and the Siege of Chicago


1941 Story Magazine’s College Award
1953–1963 An Editor of Dissent
1956 Co-founder of Village Voice
1960 National Institute of Arts and Letters Grant in Literature
1968 Produced, directed, and starred in three movies: Wild 90, Beyond the Law, and Maidstone.
1969 National Book Award in arts and letters for The Armies of the Night.
Pulitzer Prize in general nonfiction for The Armies of the Night.


  1. Dates given here are for first publication in book form. Dates used in my text for “The White Negro” and An American Dream deal more precisely with time of writing and first appearance of the work in print. The bibliography and the footnotes (especially the notes to the introduction) make this clear.
  2. This play ran for 127 performances in an off-Broadway production beginning January 31, 1967.