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Written by
Daniela Feliciani
Note: “AmDream” resonates with the Am-Lira, which represents America’s freeing Italy from nazifascism. Translated by Phillip Sipiora.

Why do you call it
The American Dream?
The European Dream
Would be an oxymoron

You need an Ocean
In order to be able
To acquire your
Dreaming ability

I don’t mean
Ocean as in water
You can’t;
Without an

Ocean in/bet/ween
Ocean in/be/tween
Ocean in/be/twixt

No water

Oceani d’aria, d’ombra, di luci, di parole che uniscono, che dividono. Oceani di culture e di storia: 1943, dopo lo sbarco in Sicilia il comando Americano mette in circolazione l’ Allied Military Currency che diviene Famosa come Am-lira. I biglietti portano l’indicazione del loro valore in Lettere sia in italiano che in inglese. Le banconote riportano sul retro, in inglese, le quattro libertà sancite dalla Costituzione americana. L’Am-lira è anche definita “moneta d’occupazione” e in questa dicitura Si sintetizza, con valenza sia positiva che negativa, il rapporto che si è Andato costruendo negli anni del dopo guerra tra l’Italia ed il Colosso americano.

There are oceans of air, shadows, lights, and words that join and divide. There are also oceans of culture(s) and history. In 1943, after American forces landed in Sicily, command headquarters ordered the issue of what was called “Allied Military Currency,” which quickly became known as Am-Lira. This currency denoted its value in both Italian and English. The reverse side of the bills displayed the four essential freedoms of the American Constitution. The Am-Lira was also defined as the “currency of occupation,” a phrase that carries both positive and pejorative connotations and serves as a metaphor for the evolving post-war relationship between Italy and giant America.