The Mailer Review, Volume 1, 2007

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The Mailer Review • Volume 1 Number 1 • 2007

Inaugural Issue



  • Norman Mailer
    Remembering a Good Friend
  • William Kennedy
    Norman Mailer as Occasional Commentator in a Self-Interview and Memoir
  • Robert F. Lucid
    [Boston State Hospital: The Summer of 1942]
  • Norman Mailer
    “The Naked and the Dead” [Excerpt from unpublished 1942 play]
  • J. Michael Lennon, editor
    “A Series of Tragicomedies”: Mailer’s Letters on The Deer Park, 1954–55
  • Philip Bufithis
    The Executioner’s Song: A Life Beneath our Conscience
  • Jeffrey Severs
    The Untold Story Behind The Executioner’s Song: A Conversation with Lawrence Schiller
  • Morris Dickstein
    How Mailer Became “Mailer”: The Writer as Private and Public Character
  • J. Michael Lennon
    Gallery Talk: The Mailer Archive
  • Cathy Henderson, Richard W. Oram, Molly Schwartzburg, and Molly Hardy
    Mailer Takes on America: Images from the Ransom Center Archive
  • Barbara Mailer Wasserman
    Growing Up with Norman
  • Jonathan Middlebrook
    Five Notes Toward a Reassessment of Norman Mailer
  • Alan Petigny
    Norman Mailer, “The White Negro,” and New Conceptions of the Self in Postwar America

Classic Interpretations

  • Donald L. Kaufmann
    An American Dream: The Singular Nightmare

Book Reviews

  • The Castle in the Forest
    Christopher Ricks
    The Devil only Knows
  • The Castle in the Forest
    Robert Begiebing
    Castle Mailer
  • The Castle in the Forest
    Barbara Probst Solomon
    Mailer’s Choice
  • The Castle in the Forest
    Phillip Sipiora
    Moments of Metaphor in Mailer’s Castle


  • Constance E. Holmes and J. Michael Lennon
    Norman Mailer: Supplemental Bibliography Through 2000


    Phillip Sipiora
    Gerald R. Lucas
    Raymond M.Vince
    Constance E. Holmes
    Constance E. Holmes
    J. Michael Lennon
    Kristine A.Wilson
    J.Michael Lennon, Chair of Editorial Board (Wilkes University), Robert J. Begiebing (Southern New Hampshire University), John Whalen-Bridge (National University of Singapore), Philip Bufithis (Shepherd University), Christopher Busa (Founder and Editor of Provincetown Arts Press), Morris Dickstein (Graduate Center, City University of New York), Laura Adams Dunham (Independent Scholar), Michael Glenday (The Open University, United Kingdom), Hunt Hawkins (University of South Florida), Barry H. Leeds (Central Connecticut State University), Deborah Martinson (Occidental College), Michael Millgate (University of Toronto), Christopher Ricks (Boston University), Phillip Sipiora (University of South Florida), Thomas F. Staley (Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin), Barbara Mailer Wasserman (Memoirist).