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'''Norman Mailer: 1923–2007'''
'''Norman Mailer: 1923–2007'''
* [[Reflections 2008|Reflections]]
* [[Reflections 2008|Reflections]]
==Carnegie Hall Memorial==
==In Memorium==
===''[[The Time of His Time: A Celebration of the Life of Norman Mailer]]''===
===''[[The Time of His Time: A Celebration of the Life of Norman Mailer]]''===
===[[Tributes to Norman Mailer]]===
* Lynn Andriani<br />Norman Mailer: A Prolific Life to the End
* Robert J. Begiebing<br />Mailer on the Eve of ''Ancient Evenings'': A Memory in Six Parts
* Mashey Bernstein<br />My Friend, Norman
* John Bowers<br />Mailer
* Jackson R. Bryer<br />A Generous Man
* Christopher Busa<br />This Is a Town Worth Digging In and Fighting For
* Ezra Cappell<br />Norman Mailer: A Man of Letters Inspired by the People of the Book
* E. L. Doctorow<br />Two Notes on Mailer
* Laura Adams Dunham<br />Entangled Minds: Forty Years of Encountering Norman Mailer
* Dick Fontaine<br />The Time of His/Our Time: Chance Meetings with Norman Mailer
* Richard Lee Fulgham<br />A Grasshopper’s Lament
* Michael K. Glenday<br />Above All, He Was Never Afraid
* Lawrence Grobel<br />Nobel Worthy Norman Mailer
* Alexander Hicks<br />A 25th Anniversary Toast
* Eugene Cullen Kennedy<br />Another Look at Norman Mailer, Fascinated with God and Religion
* Barry H. Leeds<br />The Death of Norman Mailer; The Birth of The Norman Mailer Society
* Donna Pedro Lennon<br />Losing My Voice
* Peter Levenda<br />In Memoriam
* David Light<br />From a Novelist in Waiting
* Deborah Martinson<br />Despite Our Differences
* Michael Millgate<br />Norman Mailer: A Memorial Gesture
* Stephan Morrow<br />Norman Mailer: A Requiem
* Julian Newman<br />1972: Norman Mailer Parties with Offbeat Tampans
* Mark Olshaker<br />Let Me Now Praise Famous Men
* Kathrin Perutz<br />After Mailer: Some Recollections
* Tom Piazza<br />Norman Mailer: A Remembrance
* Dotson Rader<br />The Bishop and Norman Mailer
* Lee Siegel<br />Valentine’s Day
* Phillip Sipiora Jr.<br />Norman Mailer, Baseball Man
* Barbara Probst Solomon<br />A Long Friendship
* Richard Stratton<br />''Living'' Mailer
* Gay Talese<br />Chronicler of the Century Did It All
* Marc S. Triplett<br />The Passing of Aquarius
* John Whalen-Bridge<br />Q&A in 1984 with Norman Mailer
* Veronica Windholz<br />Reading Mailer in Brooklyn
==Articles, Interviews, Miscellany==
==Articles, Interviews, Miscellany==

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« The Mailer ReviewVolume 2 Number 1 • 2008 • In Memorium »

Norman Mailer: 1923–2007

In Memorium

The Time of His Time: A Celebration of the Life of Norman Mailer

Tributes to Norman Mailer

Articles, Interviews, Miscellany

  • Norman Mailer
    What’s Wrong with America: Five Proposals
  • Norman Mailer
    Acceptance Speech for National Book Foundation Award
  • Norman Mailer
    The Bodily Function Blues
  • Philip Roth
    [Norman Mailer, from Exit Ghost]
  • Robert J. Begiebing and Philip Bufithis
    A Dialogue on Mailer’s Novels
  • Christopher Hitchens
    Norman Mailer: Miami and the Siege of Chicago
  • J. Michael Lennon
    Norman Mailer’s Best Sellers
  • Stephan Morrow
    The Unknown and the General
  • Donald L. Kaufmann
    Norman Mailer in “God’s Attic”
  • Richard Stratton
    Meeting Mailer
  • John Whalen-Bridge
    “Their Humor Annoyed Him”: Cavalier Wit and Sympathy for the Devil in The Castle in the Forest
  • Walter Grünzweig
    The Hitler Family: A Relational Approach to Norman Mailer
  • Richard Lee Fulgham
    The Wise Blood of Norman Mailer: An Interpretation and Defense of Why Are We in Vietnam?
  • Michael K. Glenday
    From Monroe to Picasso: Norman Mailer and the Life-Study
  • Lawrence R. Broer
    Identity Crisis: A State of the Union Address
  • Mashey Bernstein
    The Heart of the Nation: Jewish Values in the Fiction of Norman Mailer
  • Barry H. Leeds
    He Was a Fighter: Boxing in Norman Mailer’s Life and Work
  • John G. Rodwan Jr.
    Fighters and Writers
  • Michael Chaiken
    Author, Auteur: A Conversation with Norman Mailer
  • J. Michael Lennon
    The Castle in the Forest: A Conversation with Norman Mailer
  • Lawrence Grobel
    Norman Mailer: Stupidity Brings Out Violence in Me
  • David Anshen
    A New Politics of Form in Harlot’s Ghost
  • Neil Gordon
    On The Armies of the Night
  • K. D. Norris
    Exhuming Mailer’s America

Classic Interpretation

  • Christopher Ricks
    Norman Mailer: The Executioner’s Song

Book Reviews

  • On God: An Uncommon Conversation
    John Bowers
    Mailer’s Last Words
  • On God: An Uncommon Conversation
    Eugene Cullen Kennedy
    You Are Too Healthy for the World
  • On God: An Uncommon Conversation
    Phillip Sipiora
    Norman Mailer, Metaphysician at Work

Creative Works

  • Robbin A. Martinelli
    Mailer’s Song
  • Daniele Pantano
    Mailer at the Théâtre Du Grand Guignol
  • Daniela Feliciani



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  1. This list has been incorporated into the project Norman Mailer: Works and Days so is not reprinted here.
  2. This list has been incorporated into the project Norman Mailer: Works and Days so is not reprinted here. See “Norman Mailer's First Editions
  3. This bibliography has been incorporated into the project Norman Mailer: Works and Days so is not reprinted here.