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Hey there. Good work so far on your remediation. There are some typos and your references need fixing. I fixed the first paragraph, and moved the rest of the article you posted to your sandbox to work on. Let me know if you have any questions or need any more help. —Jules Carry (talk) 17:18, 15 September 2020 (EDT)


Sorry, I had to rollback your article again—there are just too many errors. I recommend you transfer a paragraph at a time, so you can find errors as you go (you shouldn't save each time, just preview to be sure everything is working). Also, punctuation always goes before the source, like this.[1]
“or this.”[2]
not like this[3].
Grlucas (talk) 20:47, 22 September 2020 (EDT)

  1. This is a correct example.
  2. This is also correct.
  3. This is an incorrect correct example.
@Grlucas: Thanks for the heads up, This method of creating in text citations is new to me and I didn't know about the punctuation aspect of that, thank you for the advice. Are those the errors you are talking about? I thought I mostly cleaned up the rest of the formatting issues that happened when I transferred from the pdf, but I would appreciate some direction there as I'm not entirely sure what else i've messed up.
also I don't know how to fix that citation error that is popping up, do you have any advice for that? I started a help thread in the forum, but it looks like nobody's looked at it yet. Sorry I'm having a hard time catching on with this project.
-Eswilliams (talk) 23:01, 22 September 2020 (EDT)
@Eswilliams: I think I saw some typos, too, but it was mostly punctuation and footnote placement. When you have a year that is the same for two references by the same author, use, for example, 2010a and 2010b. I also answered this on Discourse. —Grlucas (talk) 06:40, 23 September 2020 (EDT)