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--[==[ This is the "P" list of portal image names. It contains a list of portal images for use with Module:Portal -- for portal names that start with the letter "P". For aliases to existing portal names, and for portal names that -- start with other letters, please use the appropriate page from the following list:

-- Module:Portal/images/a - for portal names beginning with "A". -- Module:Portal/images/b - for portal names beginning with "B". -- Module:Portal/images/c - for portal names beginning with "C". -- Module:Portal/images/d - for portal names beginning with "D". -- Module:Portal/images/e - for portal names beginning with "E". -- Module:Portal/images/f - for portal names beginning with "F". -- Module:Portal/images/g - for portal names beginning with "G". -- Module:Portal/images/h - for portal names beginning with "H". -- Module:Portal/images/i - for portal names beginning with "I". -- Module:Portal/images/j - for portal names beginning with "J". -- Module:Portal/images/k - for portal names beginning with "K". -- Module:Portal/images/l - for portal names beginning with "L". -- Module:Portal/images/m - for portal names beginning with "M". -- Module:Portal/images/n - for portal names beginning with "N". -- Module:Portal/images/o - for portal names beginning with "O". -- Module:Portal/images/q - for portal names beginning with "Q". -- Module:Portal/images/r - for portal names beginning with "R". -- Module:Portal/images/s - for portal names beginning with "S". -- Module:Portal/images/t - for portal names beginning with "T". -- Module:Portal/images/u - for portal names beginning with "U". -- Module:Portal/images/v - for portal names beginning with "V". -- Module:Portal/images/w - for portal names beginning with "W". -- Module:Portal/images/x - for portal names beginning with "X". -- Module:Portal/images/y - for portal names beginning with "Y". -- Module:Portal/images/z - for portal names beginning with "Z". -- Module:Portal/images/other - for portal names beginning with any other letters. This includes numbers, -- letters with diacritics, and letters in non-Latin alphabets. -- Module:Portal/images/aliases - for adding aliases for existing portal names. Use this page for variations -- in spelling and diacritics, etc., no matter what letter the portal begins with.

-- When adding entries, please use alphabetical order. The format of the images table entries is as follows: -- ["portal name"] = "image.svg", -- The portal name should be the name of your portal, in lower case. For example, the portal name for -- "Portal:United Kingdom" would be "united kingdom". The image name should be capitalised normally, and the "File:" -- namespace prefix should be omitted. ]==]

return { ["packaging"] = "Can(Easy Open Can).JPG|link=|alt=", ["pakistan"] = "Flag of Pakistan.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["pakistani cuisine"] = "Punjabi Utensil - Chaba.JPG|link=|alt=", ["pakistan super league"] = "PSL.svg|link=|alt=", ["palaeontology"] = "Allosaurus Jardin des Plantes.png|link=|alt=icon", ["palau"] = "Flag of Palau.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["paleontology"] = "Allosaurus Jardin des Plantes.png|link=|alt=icon", ["palestine"] = "Flag of Palestine.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["panama"] = "Flag of Panama.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["pancakes"] = "Pancakes with powdered sugar.jpg|link=|alt=", ["papua new guinea"] = "Flag of Papua New Guinea.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["paraguay"] = "Flag of Paraguay.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["paralympics"] = "IPC logo (2004).svg|link=|alt=", ["paris"] = "Eiffel tower.svg|link=|alt=", ["parliamentary procedure"] = "Gavel.png|link=|alt=", ["pastries"] = "Postre vector.png|link=|alt=", ["pasta"] = "Pastasciutta.JPG|link=|alt=", ["patna"] = "Golghar, Patna, 1888.jpg|link=|alt=", ["pear"] = "PearPhoto.jpg|link=|alt=", ["pears"] = "PearPhoto.jpg|link=|alt=", ["peer review"] = "PR icon.png|alt=icon", ["peerage and baronetage"] = "General Sir Bernard Montgomery in England, 1943 TR1036.jpg|link=|alt=photo", ["pennsylvania"] = "Flag of Pennsylvania.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["pennsylvania state university"] = "Penn State Athletics wordmark.svg|link=|alt=wordmark", ["pensacola"] = "Seal of Pensacola, Florida.png|alt=seal", ["people's republic of china"] = "Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["percussion"] = "Bendir.jpg|alt=icon", ["perth"] = "Perth COA.jpg|alt=icon", ["peru"] = "Flag of Peru.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["pervasive developmental disorders"] = "Autism-stacking-cans 2nd edit.jpg|alt=icon", ["pharmacy and pharmacology"] = "Tabletten.JPG|alt=icon", ["philadelphia"] = "Libertybell alone small.jpg|link=|alt=", ["philately"] = "Stamp UK Penny Red pl148.jpg|link=|alt=", ["philippines"] = "Flag of the Philippines.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["philippine cuisine"] = "Jochi pork adobo.jpg|link=|alt=", ["philosophers"] = "Ibn rushd.jpg|link=|alt=image", ["philosophy"] = "Socrates.png|link=|alt=", ["philosophy of science"] = "P philosophy.png|alt=icon", ["photography"] = "Large format camera lens.png|link=|alt=", ["physical chemistry"] = "Nuvola apps edu science.svg|alt=icon", ["physical science"] = "Kepler-first-law.svg|link=|alt=diagram", ["physics"] = "Stylised Lithium Atom.svg|alt=icon", ["piano"] = "Bechstein Schriftzug.jpg|alt=icon", ["pichilemu"] = "Coat of arms of Pichilemu.svg|link=|alt=", ["pies"] = "Cherry-Pie-Slice.jpg|link=|alt=", ["pigs"] = "Pig icon 05.svg|link=|alt=", ["pineapple"] = "Tux Paint pineapple.svg|link=|alt=", ["pineapples"] = "Tux Paint pineapple.svg|link=|alt=", ["pink floyd"] = "Dispersion prism.jpg|link=|alt=", ["pipe organ"] = "Ittenheim StGall32.JPG|alt=icon", ["piracy"] = "Skull and crossbones.svg|link=|alt=", ["pitcairn islands"] = "Flag of the Pitcairn Islands.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["pittsburgh"] = "Pittsburgh city coat of arms.svg|link=|alt=", ["pizza"] = "Emojione 1F355.svg|link=|alt=", ["plants"] = "Rose Amber Flush 20070601.jpg|alt=icon", ["poetry"] = "Quill and ink.svg|alt=icon", ["pokémon"] = "Wikiball.svg|alt=icon", ["poland"] = "Flag of Poland.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["political science"] = "Plato-raphael.jpg|link=|alt=", ["politics"] = "A coloured voting box.svg|border|alt=icon", ["politics and government"] = "President Barack Obama.jpg|link=|alt=photo", ["polyhedra"] = "Small snub icosicosidodecahedron.png|link=|alt=icon", ["polynesia"] = "Map OC-Polynesia.PNG|border|link=|alt=map", ["pollution"] = "Benxi Steel Industries.jpg|link=|alt=photo", ["potato"] = "Noto Emoji Oreo 1f954.svg|link=|alt=", ["potatoes"] = "Noto Emoji Oreo 1f954.svg|link=|alt=", ["poultry"] = "Toicon-icon-hatch-roast.svg|link=|alt=", ["pomerania"] = "Wappen Pommern.svg|link=|alt=", ["pop music"] = "Audio-input-microphone.png|alt=icon", ["pope"] = "Coat of arms Holy See.svg|link=|alt=", ["port of spain"] = "Internationalfinancecentre.JPG|alt=icon", ["portal"] = "PorcheCentralNordCathedraleChartre041130-.jpg|alt=icon", ["portugal"] = "Flag of Portugal.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["portuguese"] = "Grammatica da Lingoagem portuguesa.JPG|link=Portuguese language|alt=icon", ["prague"] = "Prague CoA CZ.svg|link=|alt=", ["prehistoric mammals"] = "Smilodon Knight.jpg|link=|alt=", ["prehistoric technology"] = "Roue primitive.png|link=|alt=", ["prescott-russell"] = "Map of Ontario PRESCOTT AND RUSSELL.svg|link=|alt=", ["primates"] = "Man of the woods.JPG|alt=icon", ["prince edward island"] = "Flag of Prince Edward Island.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["prisons"] = "Prisonbars.svg|border|alt=icon", ["private revelation"] = "Tuam Cathedral of the Assumption Sacred Heart Detail 2009 09 14.jpg|alt=icon", ["probability"] = "Nuvola apps atlantik.png|link=|alt=icon", ["professional wrestling"] = "WWE ring.jpg|alt=icon", ["progressive rock"] = "Audio a.svg|link=|alt=", ["prostitution in the united kingdom"] = "Umbrella-159361.svg|link=|alt=", ["protected areas of india"] = "Nagzira Tiger By Vijay Phulwadhawa.jpg|link=|alt=photo", ["prussia"] = "Flag of Prussia (1892-1918).svg|link=|alt=photo", ["pseudoscience"] = "Question opening-closing.svg|link=|alt=icon", ["psychiatry"] = "American Lady Against The Sky.jpg|alt=icon", ["psychology"] = "Psi2.svg|link=|alt=", ["puducherry"] = "Seal of Puducherry (cropped).svg|link=|alt=", ["puerto rico"] = "Flag of Puerto Rico.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["pune"] = "Dagaduseth halwai ganpati temple.jpg|link=|alt=photo", ["punjab"] = "Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib) in Amritsar, India.jpg|border|link=|alt=image", ["punjab, india"] = "Emblem-Punjab-Protocol-Manual-page98-appendix12.svg|link=|alt=icon", ["punjab, pakistan"] = "Flag of Punjab.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["punk rock"] = "Crystal Clear app kguitar.png|alt=icon", ["pyrotechnics"] = "D-W002 Warnung vor explosionsgefaehrlichen Stoffen ty.svg|link=|alt=" }