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--[==[ This is the "B" list of portal image names. It contains a list of portal images for use with Module:Portal -- for portal names that start with the letter "B". For aliases to existing portal names, and for portal names that -- start with other letters, please use the appropriate page from the following list:

-- Module:Portal/images/a - for portal names beginning with "A". -- Module:Portal/images/c - for portal names beginning with "C". -- Module:Portal/images/d - for portal names beginning with "D". -- Module:Portal/images/e - for portal names beginning with "E". -- Module:Portal/images/f - for portal names beginning with "F". -- Module:Portal/images/g - for portal names beginning with "G". -- Module:Portal/images/h - for portal names beginning with "H". -- Module:Portal/images/i - for portal names beginning with "I". -- Module:Portal/images/j - for portal names beginning with "J". -- Module:Portal/images/k - for portal names beginning with "K". -- Module:Portal/images/l - for portal names beginning with "L". -- Module:Portal/images/m - for portal names beginning with "M". -- Module:Portal/images/n - for portal names beginning with "N". -- Module:Portal/images/o - for portal names beginning with "O". -- Module:Portal/images/p - for portal names beginning with "P". -- Module:Portal/images/q - for portal names beginning with "Q". -- Module:Portal/images/r - for portal names beginning with "R". -- Module:Portal/images/s - for portal names beginning with "S". -- Module:Portal/images/t - for portal names beginning with "T". -- Module:Portal/images/u - for portal names beginning with "U". -- Module:Portal/images/v - for portal names beginning with "V". -- Module:Portal/images/w - for portal names beginning with "W". -- Module:Portal/images/x - for portal names beginning with "X". -- Module:Portal/images/y - for portal names beginning with "Y". -- Module:Portal/images/z - for portal names beginning with "Z". -- Module:Portal/images/other - for portal names beginning with any other letters. This includes numbers, -- letters with diacritics, and letters in non-Latin alphabets. -- Module:Portal/images/aliases - for adding aliases for existing portal names. Use this page for variations -- in spelling and diacritics, etc., no matter what letter the portal begins with.

-- When adding entries, please use alphabetical order. The format of the images table entries is as follows: -- ["portal name"] = "image.svg", -- The portal name should be the name of your portal, in lower case. For example, the portal name for -- "Portal:United Kingdom" would be "united kingdom". The image name should be capitalised normally, and the "File:" -- namespace prefix should be -- omitted. ]==]

return { ["babism"] = "Haykal2.gif|link=|alt=", ["bacon"] = "Bacon close-up.jpg|link=|alt=", ["baden-württemberg"] = "Flag of Baden-Württemberg.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["badminton"] = "Badminton racquet.svg|link=|alt=", ["bahá'í faith"] = "Bahai star.svg|link=|alt=", ["bahrain"] = "Flag of Bahrain.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["ballet"] = "Ballerina-icon.jpg|alt=icon", ["balochistan, pakistan"] = "Flag of Balochistan.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["baltic sea"] = "Baltic Sea location map.svg|link=|alt=map", ["baltic states"] = "Subdivisions of baltic states.svg|link=|alt=map", ["baltimore"] = "Seal of Baltimore, Maryland.png|link=|alt=seal", ["bangalore"] = "Bangalore Palace.jpg|alt=icon", ["bangladesh premier league"] = "BPL.svg|link=|alt=", ["bangladesh"] = "Flag of Bangladesh.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["baptist"] = "Baptism logo.jpg|link=|alt=", ["bananas"] = "Banana-Single.jpg|link=|alt=", ["barack obama"] = "Obama.svg|link=|alt=", ["barbados"] = "Nuvola Barbados flag.svg|alt=icon", ["barbecue"] = "Churrasco00003.jpg|link=|alt=", ["barley"] = "2009-05-20-barnim-by-RalfR-23.jpg|link=|alt=", ["baseball"] = "Baseball.svg|link=|alt=icon", ["basketball"] = "Basketball Clipart.svg|link=|alt=icon", ["basque"] = "Lauburu.svg|link=|alt=", ["bates college"] = "1864 Bates Seal.jpg|link=|alt=seal", ["battleships"] = "BS Bismarck.png|alt=icon", ["battlestar galactica"] = "BattlestarMandala.svg|alt=icon", ["bavaria"] = "Flag of Bavaria (lozengy).svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["bbc"] = "BBC.svg|link=|alt=", ["beer"] = "Projet bière logo v2.png|alt=icon", ["beef"] = "Standing-rib-roast.jpg|link=|alt=", ["beijing"] = "Beijing-name.svg|alt=icon", ["belarus"] = "Flag of Belarus.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["belgium"] = "Flag of Belgium.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["belize"] = "Flag of Belize.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["bengal"] = "BengaliScriptKo.svg|link=|alt=", ["bengali"] = "Bangla Script.svg|alt=icon", ["bengali cinema"] = "Emojione 1F3A5.svg|alt=icon", ["bengali literature"] = "Bhasha Smritistambha Arnab Dutta 2011.jpg|alt=icon", ["benin"] = "Flag of Benin.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["berbers"] = "Berber flag.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["berkshire"] = "Flag of Berkshire.svg|link=|alt=flag", ["berlin"] = "Coat of arms of Berlin.svg|link=|alt=", ["bermuda"] = "Flag of Bermuda.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["beyoncé knowles"] = "Beyonce cropped2.jpg|link=|alt=", ["bhutan"] = "Flag of Bhutan.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["bible"] = "Bible.malmesbury.arp.jpg|link=|alt=", ["bibliographies/science task force"] = "Principia Page 1726.jpg|link=|alt=photo", ["bihar"] = "Seal of Bihar.jpg|link=|alt=", ["biography"] = "P vip.svg|link=|alt=", ["biological warfare"] = "Anthrax culture.jpg|link=|alt=", ["biology"] = "Issoria lathonia.jpg|alt=icon", ["biotechnology"] = "TRNA-Phe yeast 1ehz.png|alt=icon", ["birds"] = "Eagle 01.svg|link=|alt=", ["björk"] = "Björk signature.png|link=|alt=", ["blackberries"] = "Blackberry fruit.jpg|link=|alt=", ["blu-ray"] = "Blu-ray disc2.png|alt=icon", ["blueberries"] = "Antioxidant-berries-bilberry-988870.jpg|link=|alt=", ["bob dylan"] = "Bob dylan.jpg|alt=icon", ["bob weir"] = "Weir, Bob (2007) 3.jpg|link=|alt=", ["bohemia"] = "Flag of Bohemia.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["bohol"] = "Chocolate Hills.jpg|alt=icon", ["bolivia"] = "Flag of Bolivia.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["bollywood"] = "Indiafilm.svg|alt=icon", ["bonaire"] = "Flag of Bonaire.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["book of mormon"] = "Book of Mormon English Missionary Edition Soft Cover.jpg|link=|alt=", ["books"] = "Nuvola apps bookcase.svg|alt=icon", ["bosnia and herzegovina"] = "Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["boston"] = "Flag of Boston.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["botany"] = "Rosa villosa.jpg|alt=icon", ["botswana"] = "Flag of Botswana.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["bottled water"] = "1989 HK Sheung Wan Bonham Strand VITA Distilled Water.jpg|link=|alt=", ["boxing"] = "Icon-boxing-gloves.jpg|alt=icon", ["brandenburg"] = "Flag of Brandenburg.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["brandy norwood"] = "BrandyNorwoodJuly04.jpg|alt=icon", ["brazil"] = "Flag of Brazil.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["brazilian cuisine"] = "Brigadeiro.jpg|link=|alt=", ["bread"] = "Emojione 1F35E.svg|link=|alt=", ["breakfast"] = "Breakfast!.jpg|link=|alt=", ["bremen"] = "Flag of Bremen.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["briarcliff manor, new york"] = "BriarcliffOutlook4-crop.jpg|link=|alt=", ["bridges"] = "Pont-type-4-haubans.svg|alt=icon", ["bridges"] = "Pont-type-4-haubans.svg|alt=icon", ["brigham young university"] = "Brigham Young University medallion.svg|link=|alt=seal", ["brighton"] = "Brighton Royal Pavilion.jpg|alt=icon", ["brisbane"] = "Brisbane COA.gif|link=|alt=", ["bristol"] = "Bristol arms cropped.jpg|alt=icon", ["british army"] = "Flag of the British Army.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["british columbia"] = "Flag of British Columbia.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["british cuisine"] = "British Cuisine title.jpg|link=|alt=", ["british empire"] = "British Empire 1897.jpg|link=|alt=", ["british indian ocean territory"] = "Flag of the British Indian Ocean Territory.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["british library"] = "British library london.jpg|link=|alt=", ["british politics"] = "Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom.svg|alt=icon", ["british virgin islands"] = "Flag of the British Virgin Islands.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["britney spears"] = "Baby One More Time 2009.jpg|alt=icon", ["brittany"] = "Flag of Brittany.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["brunei"] = "Flag of Brunei.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["bruneian cuisine"] = "Ambuyat in Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei.jpg|link=|alt=", ["brussels"] = "Flag Belgium brussels.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["bryan adams"] = "Bryan Adams Hamburg MG 0631 flickr.jpg|alt=icon", ["bucharest"] = "ROU Bucharest CoA.png|link=|alt=", ["buckinghamshire"] = "EnglandBuckinghamshire.png|alt=icon", ["budapest"] = "Coat of arms of Budapest.svg|link=|alt=", ["buddhism"] = "Dharma Wheel.svg|alt=icon", ["buenos aires"] = "Flag of Buenos Aires City.png|border|link=|alt=flag", ["buffy the vampire slayer"] = "Buffya.jpg|link=|alt=", ["bulgaria"] = "Flag of Bulgaria.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["bulgarian cuisine"] = "Lukanka.jpg|link=|alt=", ["bulgarian empire"] = "Coat of arms of the Second Bulgarian Empire.svg|alt=icon", ["burkina faso"] = "Flag of Burkina Faso.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["burmese cuisine"] = "IMG Mohinga.JPG|link=|alt=", ["burundi"] = "Flag of Burundi.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["buses"] = "BSicon BUS.svg|link=|alt=", ["business and economics"] = "Emblem-money.svg|alt=icon", ["butter"] = "Melting butter.jpg|link=|alt=", ["byzantine empire"] = "Flag of Palaeologus Dynasty.svg|border|link=|alt=flag" }