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Brief Bio

Hello Everyone,

My name is Rian. I am a graduate at MGA with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. I had live in Warner Robins for about 25 years. I am always thriving to continue in learning because in life you are always learning. I plan on using my experience throughout my career.

Career Experience

I work for MGA as Information Support Specialist. I handle all audio and video events for the Warner Robins campus. I am in charge of maintenance for computers, projectors, and software. I plan on adventuring out to other fields in Information Technology to learn a vast variety of skills.

Personal Life

I am an avid bowler for a league. I have yet to bowl a perfect game, which is a 300 game, but the closest I have come is a 279. I do enjoy riding my bicycle to work because it gives me a little freedom before I arrive at work. I live about 30 minutes away from work, which is a nice bike ride if the weather is right. On the weekends I am a typical gamer/ nerd because some of my friends like to get together and hang out and play video games. I believe video games are cheap entertainment.

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