From Project Mailer

D. McGonagill Brief Bio

Summer 2018

Birth & education

Born in Orlando, FL February 26, 1981 and currently residing in a suburb east of Memphis, TN. Attended primary school in Orlando, FL and Marietta, GA. Attended secondary school in Marietta, GA and Broomfield, CO. Attained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at the University of Maine in May of 2003. Attained a Master of Arts in Teaching at the University of Memphis in August of 2007. Currently pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Technical Writing and Digital Communication at Middle Georgia State University.

Personal life

Daughter, aunt, cousin, wife, mother, and pet owner. Extra-curricular interests include hiking, running, swimming, volleyball, basketball, cooking, reading, music and travel. Desires to grow her online writing skills. Dreams to run a half-marathon under 2 hours, work for herself, and achieve nirvana. Currently working as an ESL teacher and volleyball coach in the suburban school district of Collierville, TN.


Traveled with the PBR for one season as an event accountant and spent a year teaching in Seoul S. Korea as an EFL teacher in her early 20's. She fell in love with the beach as a child, married at the beach as an adult, and hopes to retire at the beach if retirement ever comes.