From Project Mailer

Early Life

Dillbug was born in Macon, Georgia, but grew up living in various parts of the south and southwest. She returned to Georgia her senior year of high school and now maintains her home in the heart of Georgia.


Sandy obtained a B.S in Business and Information Technology from Middle Georgia State University and an MBA (with a focus in leadership) from Walden University. Sandy is currently enrolled in Digital Writing, a graduate certificate program of Middle Georgia State University


Sandy spent 40+ years in management in manufacturing and service fields. Sandy is currently an Academic Resource Specialist for Middle Georgia State University.

Area of Interest

Researching the effects of embedded tutoring on student learning and the methods organizations use to retain expert knowledge of employees nearing retirement age are primary areas of interest. Sandy also have a special personal interest in learning about children born with chromosome deficiencies and its impact on their quality of life.