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File:MR01.jpg|link=The Mailer Review, Volume 1, 2007|Volume 1 (2007): Inaugural Issue
File:MR01.jpg|link=The Mailer Review, Volume 1, 2007|Volume 1 (2007): Inaugural Issue
==Additional Information==
''The Mailer Review'' is published by The Norman Mailer Society and is co-sponsored by the University
of South Florida and the Mailer Society. Yearly subscription rates: individuals, libraries, colleges,
and universities in the U.S. Postal Zones, $25 for one issue or $40 for two issues. All foreign
subscriptions, individual and institutional, are $32 per issue or $58 for two issues. Please contact
''The Mailer Review'' Services for subscription information, including back issues. ''The Mailer Review''
is available as a benefit to members of The Norman Mailer Society. For membership information,
please visit our [https://normanmailersociety.org web site]. ''The Mailer Review'' publishes articles,
notes, creative works, cultural/biographical commentary, and book reviews relevant to the life and
work of Norman Mailer. All critical approaches are welcome. Authors are responsible for the accuracy
of all quotations. An editorial committee reviews anonymously unsolicited manuscripts. Book
reviews are assigned. For manuscript guidelines, see our link on the Society web page. Submissions
should include an abstract and completed essay, sent as MSWORD attachments to the Editor.
Authors should follow current MLA style of documentation.
Member: Council of Editors of Learned Journals.