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local p = {}

--creates a frame object that cannot access any of the parent's args --unless a table containing a list keys of not to inherit is provided function disinherit(frame, onlyTheseKeys) local parent = frame:getParent() or frame local orphan = parent:newChild{} orphan.getParent = parent.getParent --returns nil orphan.args = {} if onlyTheseKeys then local family = {parent, frame} for f = 1, 2 do for k, v in pairs(family[f] and family[f].args or {}) do orphan.args[k] = orphan.args[k] or v end end parent.args = mw.clone(orphan.args) setmetatable(orphan.args, nil) for _, k in ipairs(onlyTheseKeys) do rawset(orphan.args, k, nil) end end return orphan, parent end

function p.get(frame, arg, passArgs) local orphan, frame = disinherit(frame, passArgs and {arg or 1}) local code, noWiki, preserve = frame.args[arg or 1] or if code:match'nowiki' then local placeholder, preserve = ('6'):char(), {} code = mw.text.unstripNoWiki(code) noWiki = code:gsub('%%', placeholder):gsub('<', '<'):gsub('>', '>') for k in noWiki:gmatch('&.-;') do if not preserve[k] then preserve[k] = true table.insert(preserve, (k:gsub('&', '&'))) noWiki = noWiki:gsub('(&.-;)', '%%%s') end end noWiki = mw.text.nowiki(noWiki):format(unpack(preserve)):gsub(placeholder, '%%') end local kill_categories = frame.args.demo_kill_categories or frame.args.nocat return { source = noWiki or code, output = orphan:preprocess(code):gsub(kill_categories and '%[%[Category.-%]%]' or , ), frame = frame } end

function p.main(frame, demoTable) local show = demoTable or p.get(frame) local args = show.frame.args = tonumber( or 1) and ('
'):rep( or 1) or or if show[args.result_arg] then return show[args.result_arg] end

return string.format('<pre%s>%s%s%s', and string.format(" style='%s'", or , show.source,, show.output)


-- Alternate function to return an inline result function p.inline(frame, demoTable) local show = demoTable or p.get(frame) local args = show.frame.args if show[args.result_arg] then return show[args.result_arg] end return string.format('<code%s>%s%s%s', and string.format(" style='%s'", or , show.source, ' → ', show.output) end

--passing of args into other module without preprocessing function p.module(frame) local orphan, frame = disinherit(frame, { 'demo_template', 'demo_module', 'demo_module_func', 'demo_main', 'demo_br', 'demo_result_arg', 'demo_kill_categories', 'nocat' }) local template = frame.args.demo_template and 'Template:'..frame.args.demo_template local demoFunc = frame.args.demo_module_func or 'main\n' local demoModule = require('Module:' .. frame.args.demo_module)[demoFunc:match('^%s*(.-)%s*$')], frame.args.result_arg = frame.args.demo_br, frame.args.demo_result_arg local kill_categories = frame.args.demo_kill_categories or frame.args.nocat if demoModule then local named = {insert = function(self, ...) table.insert(self, ...) return self end} local source = {insert = named.insert, '{{', frame.args.demo_template or frame.args.demo_module, '\n'} if not template then source:insert(2, '#invoke:'):insert(4, '|'):insert(5, demoFunc) end local insertNamed = #source + 1 for k, v in pairs(orphan.args) do local nan, insert = type(k) ~= 'number', {v} local target = nan and named or source target:insert'|' if nan then target:insert(k):insert'=':insert'\n' table.insert(insert, 1, #target) end target:insert(unpack(insert)) local nowiki = v:match('nowiki') if nowiki or v:match('Template:.-') then orphan.args[k] = frame:preprocess(nowiki and mw.text.unstripNoWiki(v) or v) end end source:insert'}}' table.insert(source, insertNamed, table.concat(named)) return p.main(orphan, { source = mw.text.encode(table.concat(source), "<>'|=~"), output = tostring(demoModule(orphan)):gsub(kill_categories and '%[%[Category.-%]%]' or , ), frame = frame }) else return "ERROR: Invalid module function: "..demoFunc end end

return p